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I was happy to hear, through a mutual friend, that Hugh Jackman was wearing his Black Energy T backstage before the opening of "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway". My friend called me and was ecstatic, saying the Energy T helps him to focus and get into character. 20% of the proceeds of sales of the black Energy T will be sent to Urban Zen, a foundation that Hugh supports. The Urban Zen Foundation creates, connects and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children in mind, body and spirit.

"The essence of life is the energy of the mind and its wealth of power to drive, inspire and heal all woes. With the knowledge of how you are going to use it, propels what you want and what it will take to reach your goals by maintaining crystal clear focus.”  - Goldie Hawn

I am honored that Goldie wears her white/white Energy T to yoga, as it lifts her spirits and helps her concentration. 20% of the proceeds of sales of the white Energy T will be sent to "The Hawn Foundation" which develops programs to help children find happiness and success in school and life.

"Jim, I was skeptical when I bought my first Energy T about 9 months ago.  I am an Ophthalmologist and perform anywhere from 20-30 surgeries per week.  Doctors are similar to athletes in that we are rather superstitious and do not like to change up our daily routines often.  I can't explain exactly what I experience when wearing the T-shirt, but I most certainly feel something special; I am definitely more calm and clear. I have been wearing while performing surgery for the past month.  I have just purchased 6 more and wanted to send a quick note of thanks." - Sincerely, Leonard Gurevich, MD

I love when those who practice Western Medicine accept, or are at least open to, Eastern thought. The Energy T was created to enhance peak performance, no matter what the profession. This testimonial illustrates one of its' many applications. - Jim

My name is Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas PhD, a Professional Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor for over 30 years. I've been blessed to meet people from all walks of life and with many different talents in being able to heal and help people, but it is my honor to say, with all of the love in my heart and truth in my soul, that Jim Kupczyk IS one of the most gifted that I've ever been blessed to meet! Jim's energy work is DIVINELY INSPIRED! Jim has a natural ability to work with your natural energy and bring your mind, body, emotions and soul back into balance. He can do this from afar with his long distance healing sessions, which I highly recommend, and he can do this through the beautiful products that he sells.
- Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas PhD

As a metaphysical student for over half my life and a Reiki Master myself, I have met a lot of energy workers through the years. Working with Jim I have felt the most intense and pure healing connection. Being an intuitive myself, I see his direct connection to source through The Great Central Sun. I can feel his many lifetimes of mastery in  the spiritual and healing arts working through him now. His gift is his ability to remove his ego from the healing space and go direct to your highest and best. His pure intention has helped me raise my own vibration above lower patterns of dis-ease and dis-harmony, working on my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies all at once. Thank you Jim for sharing your gifts with the world. I am honored to have the ability to work with you.
- Jennifer Anne, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister

"Thank you so much for creating these beautiful and powerful healing shirts. I earned my doctorate in Energy Medicine / Energy Healing, and have been practicing for many years. I am very impressed with the healing qualities of these shirts. Those who can see energy fields will be able to detect that these garments have a strong field, regardless of many washings. The field I perceive around my shirt looks like the body's etheric field, and it helps us heal by filling in areas of blockage or leaking of one's energy. What this means is that the field, and therefore the body, becomes healthier. Many people will be able to feel sensations upon coming in contact with it. Even those who don't feel anything at first I urge to keep wearing it and see what changes in your life and health transpire after a couple weeks. I feel great in my Energy T! The energy field/aura on this shirt is still awesome after having for some time!. It has a beautiful field. I see it as a glowing blue-white "line" or layer." 
Dawn Stranges, PHD

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About Energy Healing

Energy healing is based on the belief that our "life force" creates energy fields that are unbalanced during emotional or physical disease. Because our energy fields are part of an interconnected whole, the use of focused intention by one individual can aid in the health and well being of another. Many individuals use their own individual means of directing their intention to heal.  In the West, a common form of energy healing is Therapeutic Touch, which has been taught to thousands of nurses across the United States.
The Cleveland Clinic

Our unique products have been infused with universal chi intended to align the vibrations of your body or living space.  Applying specialized, focused, pure intention- total well being (physical, emotional, spiritual), love & gratitude is channeled into all our products.  The result, evident in well over 30 pages of testimonials, is a feeling of peace & balance (harmony), well being, clarity, increased energy and overall happiness.  Please contact us with any feedback or questions you may have.  Namaste.  Jim.

Chi or Qi
In traditional Chinese culture, qi (also chi or ch'i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as "lifeforce" or "energy flow", and is often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism), as well as the yogic notion of prana and pranayama. The literal translation of "qi" is air, breath, or gas.

Science has verified at the core of ALL matter lies energy, and human beings are no different.

Albert Einstein, with his famous equation E= mc2, proved everything in the universe is energy.  Dynamic patterns of energy compose both the physical plane of our reality and the abstract reality of our mind (our thoughts are energy). Energy can be classified as either physical/gross or subtle.  Subtle energy is either too high or low in frequency to be easily measured.  The truth is that we know subtle energy exists because we perceive their effects. Scientific research has verified that everything energetic contains information & also vibrates.  Everything thinkable can then be defined as “Information that vibrates”. Vibration is produced in the form of amplitude and frequency. Vibrations oscillate, generating more energy. Science suggests all matter vibrates at its own unique speed. To summarize, science has proven that all things you can imagine, both physical and non-physical (metaphysical), are energy vibrating at a unique frequency.
“An act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result”-

“Intention generates all the activities in the universe. Everything that we can see – and even the things we cannot – are an expression of intention’s infinite organizing power.”
- Deepak Chopra

“The Hidden Messages in Water” introduces the revolutionary work of internationally renowned Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that molecules of water are affected by intention (our thoughts, words and feelings).  Since humans and earth are composed mostly of water, the power of intention can make improvements to both personal health and our global environment.

The Intention Experiment is a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments thus far. Lynne McTaggart, architect of the experiments, is working with leading physicists and psychologists from the University of Arizona, Princeton University, the International Institute of Biophysics, Cambridge University and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Science has discovered that intention can change the molecular structure of water.  Everything is energy.  We can surmise that focused intention can alter or provide balance to everything.

Balance: A harmonious or satisfying arrangement or proportion of parts or elements.
Human beings innately seek balance.  In Buddhism, there is the principle of the “Middle Way”. In Confucianism we have the “Doctrine of the Mean”. In Taoism there is the balance between yin and yang, and from Hinduism we have the concept of balancing your chakras.

In western culture, a commonly heard phrase is “healthy mind, healthy body”, which encourages balance between mental and physical health. In sport, for instance, we know that a good athlete must be both physically and mentally fit. Without mental strength, the athlete’s physical movements will be uncoordinated. Without physical strength, the body will be ineffective in carrying out the mental commands. Equally important, however, is spiritual balance, which brings clarity to the mind. The completely balanced athlete appears almost magical in their abilities, while the unbalanced athlete appears clumsy.

"In all perfectly beautiful objects there is found the opposition of one part to another and a reciprocal balance."
- John Ruskin

We seek balance – Focused intention has been shown to improve balance.

Disease or illness is an energetic imbalance.  Conversely, healing is a process of restoring energetic balance. 
The terms energy medicine, energetic healing, biofield healing, chakra healing, aura healing, energy work, meridian based healing, vibrational medicine, subtle energy healing, et al, simply refer to practices relating to a certain vibrational or frequency-based level of energy (along with intent). Your body was born with an unfathomable ability to heal itself. If you think about most medicine/drugs, they really mask the underlying issue while your body figures out how to achieve a healthy status. 

"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease"
- Voltaire

When we are not feeling well (sick, flu, headache) or have issues with our physical being (tennis elbow, rotator cuff, twisted ankle) we, or areas of our body, are energetically imbalanced. The body wants to maintain balance (health). It is a scientific fact that we are all made up of energy and vibrate at a unique frequency from one another.  Healing involves finding or restoring our balance or vibrational frequency that we currently resonate best at.  Energy & Intention play a major role in the restoration of balance and ultimate healing of our bodies.

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