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The Energy T™ is the world's first chi-energy T-shirt. This unique, tested, high quality Energy T™ is gaining wide popularity around the world. Universal chi energy is channeled into every fiber of each organic T-shirt. The Energy T™ balances the energies in the body, removes blockages and ultimately helps the recipient heal and harmonize himself/herself. Customers report more energy, increased happiness, better sleep and several other positive results as a result of wearing the Energy T™. 90 day, unconditional money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

The Energy T™ is currently sold globally through: spiritual stores and boutiques, yoga studios, chiropractors, acupuncturists, NDs, spiritual websites, holistic spas, and the list continues to grow. Namaste.


I was happy to hear, through a mutual friend, that Hugh Jackman was wearing his Black Energy T backstage before the opening of "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway". My friend called me and was ecstatic, saying the Energy T helps him to focus and get into character. 20% of the proceeds of sales of the black Energy T will be sent to Urban Zen, a foundation that Hugh supports. The Urban Zen Foundation creates, connects and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children in mind, body and spirit.

“The essence of life is the energy of the mind and its wealth of power to drive, inspire and heal all woes. With the knowledge of how you are going to use it, propels what you want and what it will take to reach your goals by maintaining crystal clear focus.” - Goldie Hawn

I am honored that Goldie wears her white/white Energy T to yoga, as it lifts her spirits and helps her concentration. 20% of the proceeds of sales of the white Energy T will be sent to "The Hawn Foundation" which develops programs to help children find happiness and success in school and life.

"Jim, I was skeptical when I bought my first Energy T about 9 months ago.  I am an Ophthalmologist and perform anywhere from 20-30 surgeries per week.  Doctors are similar to athletes in that we are rather superstitious and do not like to change up our daily routines often.  I can't explain exactly what I experience when wearing the T-shirt, but I most certainly feel something special; I am definitely more calm and clear. I have been wearing while performing surgery for the past month.  I have just purchased 6 more and wanted to send a quick note of thanks."
- Sincerely, Leonard Gurevich, MD

I love when those who practice Western Medicine accept, or are at least open to, Eastern thought. The Energy T was created to enhance peak performance, no matter what the profession. This testimonial illustrates one of its' many applications. - Jim

It's a very calming energy you feel throughout your entire body,The only down side is I'll have to take it off at some point to wash it. (I'll wait at the dryer to put it back on) I love it...
Scott - Houston, Texas  

I would have to say I had a great sleep, and even though I was tired when I went to bed, my head was clear once I put on the T ... and my dreams seemed to be clearer...
Kris - Sydney, Australia

Wearing the energy t gives me an increased sense of well-being.  Wearing it feels refreshing and makes me happy...
Debbie - Snyder, New York 

I have to say that I was truly amazed at the before and after photos we took of your Energy T clients with our advanced Kirlian aura and chakra capturing system.
Stan - Toronto, Ontario

I tested your Energy T.  It passed the test!!  of course. Justin's stomach tested weak (was at a 0 and should be a 10). We put the Energy T on his body and his stomach tested strong...
Carolyn - Lockport, New York  

We get 2 of your shirt and we tried it and it was just amazing! I am Physiotherapist and Acupunctor and I am very interested in your t- shirt...
Benedicte - Geneva, Switzerland  

Jim! I can't tell you the last time I slept through the night undisturbed. My back doesn't hurt getting up and I slept like a newborn baby! Unreal!...
Julie - Albany, New York

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