Energy Healing
Quanta Sports, founded by Jim Kupczyk, is a unique, break-through concept in sports conditioning that uses principles of Quantum Physics and energy based therapies in order to provide athletes with a competitive advantage and realization of true peak performance. Energy imbalances are removed thus maximizing the athlete’s current conditioning regimen. Possible results include: enhanced competitive performance, improved sleep patterns, higher consciousness, greater awareness, shorter recovery time. These results usually lead to overall enjoyment of the particular event or sport. Jim has worked on a number of professional hockey and football players along with Iron Man Triathletes and Olympic equestrians. The possibilities are limitless in this new, holistic and progressive field of metaphysical conditioning. In a world with ever-increasing competition, any edge is advantageous!

I worked with Jim and took his advice for a recent triathlon. If you are not familiar with the half iron-man distance it's a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. I have done these races before. Not a newbie. I did train well for the race this season but was facing some tough conditions; hilly, hot and very windy. Jim focused on my strength, focus and ability to enjoy the day for what it is. The day before Jim suggested I wear the energy T to sleep in. I did. Got a solid 7 hours of restful sleep and was ready to rock. Not typical the night before a race. Jim also "connected" and was able to detect some freaky things in sending me the extra edge I needed before the race. I'll just leave at that. What happened on race day? I enjoyed the morning of the race. Took it all in, was relaxed and focused. I enjoyed the sunrise, the atmosphere and the beauty of being able to do these crazy races. I had the fastest and strongest swim ever. The bike was a success. Wind did not get in my head and the hills were not a challenge for me. Note: I worked hard this season on bike strength and it paid off. I was able to maintain a strong pace and never cramped or felt fatigued. The run was tough. Hilly and very hot. Given the conditions I did the best I could. BUT, enjoyed the race and kept focused on the experience. Call it training, call it progressive. Quanta Sports and meta-physical conditioning is a great way to put the positive energy in your brain you need to fight through challenging athletic competition. Coming into this race I must admit I was ready to compete but also ready for a break. Triathlon has its way of preparing your body but can be mentally very taxing. A regular job plus 10-15 hours a week of training is tough. Jim helped me to see the next phase after the race. Enjoy the day, stay in shape for the fun of it and do what makes you happy. That actually drove me harder during the race. The energy-T was also worn to sleep the 2 nights after the race. Your legs usually feel hammered from these races. I recovered very quickly. In 3 days I was fine and back on the bike easy spinning to flush out my legs. Call it coincidence, nutrition or conditioning. It can't hurt and I recovered fast!
Thanks Jim. Please send your energy my way anytime before I race!

David Szen

I took a metaphysical/holistic approach to David’s training. I stressed racing in the present, taking in the whole experience and put somewhat less emphasis on the outcome [knowing that he had trained hard and would do fine]. I connected [metaphysically] with David the night prior to the race and just before race time- transforming any energy imbalances in order to attain true peak performance. David trained hard for this event- I believe Quanta-Sports gave him that extra edge and dimension needed to really enjoy the race and maximize his efforts. - Jim

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